We’re on day two, folks, and things are...better, dare I say.

I will say, she LOVES to tell stories or tell you facts. Drop some food on the floor and immediately pick it up to eat under the 10-second rule? “Did you know they actually tested that and it was proved right?!” “Really?...” I ask as I eat my grape. Mention Harry Potter. “Here’s a long story about a friend of mine who has opinions about Harry Potter!” She’s also currently going through her deceased mother’s journals, so there are plenty of stories about that. Her mother went to Russia but didn’t go to the Big Museum because it was closed. Her mother went to China and the children there sang national songs! Such communism.

BP and I saw art in Oregon when we were there visiting my dad (first time BP met my dad). SHE saw SO MUCH art in England. She went to Rosencrantz And Gildenstern Are Dead with my mom last night (side note: my mom texted: “the play is Rosenthal and Gorgenstine or something like that.” So when they left, we told them to “...enjoy Rosenhip And Gorgonzola Are Amok!” It became a joke...). Did you know she also saw Shakespeare plays in Medium City, Kansas? She’ll need to talk about this production with her former English teacher from her liberal arts college she recently graduated from. Our town is doing a Zombie Bar Crawl? So is bigger city back near where she lives!

Everything. It all has a story or factoid or someone else’s story that she can and will share.

I’m drinking wine and surviving. If it’s just this for the rest of the week, I can live.